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I was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2003. It took sometimes for me to accept myself as a diabetic. I love eating and was so upset when I knew that I could not eat as I did before. However, I am glad that I did change my eating habits. My disease is under control and I still can enjoy different kinds of food. Of course, I have to take precaution as what to eat, and most important, how much.

People who are newly diagnosed with the disease are usually frustrated and emotional. Most of the time, they feel angry and confused because they do not know the causes of their disease. Nevertheless, they should be happy that they are aware of it before the situation really gets worse. Many people do not even know that they have the disease until it is too late. By saying so, patients do not usually feel that sick or the symptoms are not so clear. It does not mean, however, that they can ignore the disease when the situation is not that bad. If they do not take care of it properly, it could get worse easily and quickly.

Diabetes is a long-term disease and needs constantly attention. For most of the patients, nothing really changed drastically. They can just live the same way as if they do not have the disease. However, it is strongly suggested that they should change some of their habits, like eating and exercises. Many people believe that some supplements can help though there is no valid evidence. I would think there is nothing to lose to take some supplements. As different people might have different reaction to the same supplements or nutrition, it might take some time for patients to take trial. It is always good for patients, and family too, to know more about the disease. My wife searches a lot on the web for different supplements, nutrition, news and recipes for diabetics. She would share with me when she has something new about diabetes.

The major objective of this website is to share what we know on diabetes. These include the facts of the disease, news, technology, supplements, nutrition and recipes. My goal is to live a better life with the diabetes.

Remark: I am updating the website. The updating includes the theme, contents and layout. As I am not doing it full time, it might take some time for me to finish the whole project. Please visit us from time to time. I would be glad if you can give me comments and suggestions. Thank you for visiting us.

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I was first diagnosed type 2 diabetes in 2004!
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