Diabetes Supplements

Should people with diabetes take supplements? Are there any diabetes supplements?

People with balanced diets can usually obtain all the nutrients required from their normal diet. It is often unclear whether one should take supplements. We do know that everyone needs daily dose of vitamins and minerals to be healthy and prevent deficiency diseases. However, taking them in high doses might also result in negative effect on health.

Generally, nutrient requirements for people with diabetes are the same as for those without the disease. However, uncontrolled diabetes is often associated with nutrients deficiencies. When blood sugars are high, urination is increased to take away extra sugar, and vitamins are taken away too. Therefore, patients should be a bit more aggressive in their decision in using supplements.

Is There Any Diabetes Supplement?

Diabetes can lead to complications like heart and blood vessel disease, blindness, kidney failure, and foot ulcers. Supplements are needed to support normal glucose response as well as to prevent long run complications.

A variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other supplements may help with symptoms and deficiencies associated with diabetes. Some herbs may also help in managing symptoms associated with diabetes, including the control of blood sugar levels.

Tips on taking supplements

  • Do not rely on the fact that someone you know has been using certain treatment or supplements for years, even he or she is doing great with them.
  • Do not fall into the thinking that “natural must be great”.
  • Watch out the off brand supplements. Choose a reputable brand.

  • Be skeptical of what you read on internet or advertisements when taking new supplements or vitamins. Ask a doctor if you have questions.

  • Be very careful with any substance (for example, cinnamon or niacin) that may affect your glycemic control.

  • Don’t substitute vitamins or supplements for your prescription medication.

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